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 In 1969, when I was fifteen in high school, Osaka Prefecture Board of Education issued a notice titled “Prohibition against High School Students’ Political Activities.” Although it was like a storm in a small glass, I felt a surge of real politics and was overwhelmed with learning society and politics. Through reading books on social thought and philosophy in my college days, the words such as “civic engagement” and “civil society” enchanted me and inspired me to study.

After twenty years since then, I published my first book, Rieki Shudan [Interest Groups] (1988, University of Tokyo Press). Along with that, I had the chance to carry out my research abroad in the United States for two years. In the U.S., I got to see the real world of intelligence where scholars were vying for fruitful research. However, most researchers there did not seem to correctly understand the true situation of contemporary Japan, if they knew it at all.

It was already around the mid-1990s when I revisited this issue and found my answer: seeing Japanese civil society through a comparative lens should contribute to a globalized academic world to the extent that ordinary citizens as well as academics will understand it with ease despite their nationality. Once I started conducting surveys while focusing on social groups and organizations, my research developed into a cross-national comparison in the United States, Germany, and South Korea, thus drawing attention among Chinese scholars at the end of the 20th century. My surveys in China made it possible to conduct further research in various countries.

Today, I have collected social survey data consisting of over 60,000 organizations from 15 different countries, and have been devoting most of my time analyzing these data. Following the Fukushima Disaster in 2011, my primary concern shifted towards the strengths and problems of civil societies. I do hope that my research will contribute to solving global issues from the viewpoint of civil society and governance.




The Japan NPO Research Association Award (Jun.2022)

Yanagi, Itaru, Kobashi, Yohei, Pekkanen, Robert J., & Tsujinaka, Yutaka. (2021). Distinguishing Providing Public Services from Receiving Government Funding as Factors in Nonprofit Advocacy.VOLUNTAS, 32:534-547. won the Award of Excellence from the Japanese Nonprofit Research Association (JANPORA). 
The 20th Japan NPO Research Association Award

Concluded a mutual exchange agreement with Bunkyo Gakuen University (Apr.2022)

Concluded a mutual exchange agreement with Bunkyo Gakuen University for extracurricular activities.
The ceremony was held at Bunkyo Gakuen University on April 13 by the presidents of both universities.
Toyo Gakuen University Press Release


Assuming the presidency of Toyo Gakuen University (Apr.2022)

From April 1, 2022, I became the president of Toyo Gakuen University.
Toyo Gakuen University Press Release


Introducing my new book (Jul.2021)

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